Upgrade/install RAM, CPU, graphics, HD etc

If your computer is slow it may be best to upgrade rather buy a whole new computer.

Anything can help but the two usual and most efficient methods are adding new RAM or a faster CPU.

 RAM (random access memory) is the computers very fast, short term memory. If you have more RAM the computer can do more things at once.

A CPU (central processing unit) is the brain power of the computer. It’s pretty obvious that faster is better.

If the PC is used for games a graphics card upgrade will let it play games better. (Better graphics and shorter loading times).

If you need more space for photos/videos/games a new hard drive could be useful. The latest types of hard drive are very fast and really make a difference to performance and reliability but this is still fairly costly.

Often if you couple an upgrade with a re-installation of Windows you’ll really notice a difference. I recent customer was very please with the performance increase after tripling the amount of RAM and reinstalling windows.

Any upgrade can be made. We can source the parts if required and the installation fee is nearly always only £15 per item.