As a small company, we are well placed to understand needs of small companies.

Low cost AND reliability is especially important in small to medium size businesses and organizations. We aim to offer both.

Our motto, “no rip-offs” and “no-fix no-fee” applies to all.

We can help out your business without you having to fork out ridiculous prices charged by other businesses. Do you really trust the services offered by some of the over-worked and underpaid ‘specialists’ at many of the major computer retailers?

To businesses, we offer the all the home services and more, including:

  • Free quote.
  • Free call out for Horncastle and nearby.
  • Networking, printer sharing etc.
  • Multiple system set-up and maintenance.
  • Data recovery.
  • Secure data removal and destruction.
  • New computer deployment / old computer redeployment.
  • Security review + increased user protection.
  • Simple server creation.
  • Consultation on IT business requirements.
  • Internet sharing.
  • Backup

Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

  • Local – we can be there very quickly.
  • Flexible hours – operating outside normal business hours too.
  • Fast – except for ordering special parts you can expect to be up and running quickly.