Friendly, good, personalised tuition.

For some people computing comes naturally.

For other people computers can be a real struggle.

Like anything, skills come with practise. With computers the problem is often starting off – with confidence and familiarity computers can open a whole new world.

With nearly three years teaching experience Horncastle Computer Services can help you with any sort of computer tuition.

  • Get your photos from your camera, to your computer, onto CDs and more.
  • Use the internet quickly and effectively.
  • Working with programs such as Word, Excel and Publisher.
  • File organisation, copying, pasting etc.
  • Backing up and good practice.
  • Anything you want to do…ask and personalised lessons will be made.

Make a list of the top five or ten things you want to be able to do with a computer, let us now and we’ll help you.