Please call 07552-380585, 01507-622357 or email for initial diagnostic / free quote. Alternatively text, email or voicemail and we’ll get back to you asap – back calling us is route 1.

Our prices are competitive and we’ve chosen a per hour rate rather than a fixed price for most jobs (Windows reinstalling is one exception as it takes ages). We feel this allows for the fairest cost for each customer. It’s good to discuss prices before starting work and work is completed at the quickest possible rate possible for quality service. If you are concerned about prices please ask. Sometimes a job takes a long time due to our inefficiencies  – we don’t charge for things like that…fair prices. Customers have offered more money than our bill on several occasions.

Of course, if new/replacement hardware is required this will be additional to the service charge, but we will always discuss options first. You can provide the hardware or we can give you a fair quote for the parts ourselves. If a part needs to be ordered in it often arrives in 2-3 days.

Here is a rough guide to some prices:

Our standard hourly rate is: £45.00 for Windows PC users |£50.00 for Apple Mac/iPad users.

Hourly rate for business customers is rate above + £5ph.

If you require a callout, give us a call and we can discuss options and prices.

For some jobs we can fix remotely without the need for you to come to us or us to us, assuming the machine has a working internet connection and isn’t ancient! Prices are £25 for a quick fix of up to 20 mins (£30 for business), or if longer price is charged at out standard hourly rate rounded up to the nearest 15 mins. We use Google Chrome to remote connect to you and the time for getting you connected before the fix can start is included in the cost (if you want to get set up before, so this time isn’t included in cost, please follow this advice page: Set up google chrome remote access).

For business website updates price is £45ph and charged by rounding up to the nearest 10 minutes.

Most work is done in your home/business; there is no call-out charge in Horncastle and places located next to it (£10 or more for other areas depending on distance/time – please ask/confirm prices before we come out to you if this may be a problem).

No-fix, no-fee policy always applies if you drop to us or you are located in Horncastle, but for callouts this isn’t possible due to time and travel costs to you and the min charge is the 1 hour rate (plus callout charge is further away).

Per hour rates:

      • Troubleshoot printer/scanner/device problems
      • Recover deleted files.
          • Depends on nature of problem and amount of data to recover. To increase chance of success DON’T USE THE DEVICE – you data could be unretrievable.
      • Upgrade/install RAM, CPU, graphics card or any part.
      • Speed up your computer + boot up faster / Complete PC health check-up + tune up.
          • Hourly rate – can take between 30 mins and 2 hours. It may be better to reinstall Windows / Mac OS depending on the computer. Each case is different and we’ll discuss options before starting work after inspecting the state of the system.
      • Remove viruses, malware and adware.
          • Per hour rate – time varies greatly / a reinstall is best way to be sure of a virus free computer but this doesn’t have to happen.
      • Set up a wireless/LAN network.
          • Per hour rate – doesn’t usually take long…depending on size of network.
      • NOT HOURLY RATE: Reinstallation of Windows (including updates,drivers and normal applications; excluding backing up more than a few files)/
          • Windows XP/7 £75
          • Windows Vista £80
          • Windows 10 £70
          • Mac OS £80
      • Backup files and data
          • Depends on nature of backup, amount of data and data destination.
      • Clean laptop keyboard
          • £20
      • Setup a new computer.
          • Per hour rate – plugging in etc won’t take long. Setting up things such as programs, emails and other settings can take longer.
      • Solve internet connection problems/installation.
          • Per hour rate – usually 30mins – 1 hour.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment (we save on banking charges that way), but of course we accept cash, cheque, credit/debit card (via PayPal) and regular PayPal.

Important information:

We can help with these things, but if you can do them yourself it’ll save you time and money:

1) Anytime you have a computer sent for repair you should backup all your important files (photos, documents, music etc) and also ensure you have backups of all your programs/product keys. This is good practise, however we understand that it may well not be possible for you to do this. Don’t worry, we can still go ahead as there are many options.

2) Also, it’s helpful to have any of the CDs and documents (product keys, serial numbers etc) that came with your computer ready when we visit. These may not be essential, but are helpful through saving time and effort when reinstalling software (if needed).