Slow Google Chrome? 7 Tips Worth Knowing

Lots of people use Google Chrome as their web browser because it is good and has useful features such as syncing bookmarks across any device you can use Chrome on. However, it can also become quite slow. As quick google for something such as, ‘speed up google chrome’ will return some good results. The Guardian published an article with tips to speed up the web browser and I have summarised it below (link to full article at the bottom of this post for full info.

Note: Be sure to only do what you feel comfortable to do. We take no responsibility for any damaged caused.

  1. Remove any plugins your don’t want/use – type ‘chrome://plugins’ into the address bar to disable any plugin.
  2. Make plugins ‘click to load’ – settings > show advanced settings > privacy > content settings > plugins > let me choose when to run plug-in content. (This tips appears to have been moved in more recent versions of chrome)
  3. Remove/disable unnecessary extensions – type ‘chrome://extensions’ into address bar and remove what you don’t need.
  4. Suspend your tabs – install the extension called Great Suspender and follow it’s guide
  5. Create saved browser sessions – install and use extensions TabCloud+ or Session Buddy
  6. Turn off background prefetching – settings > show advanced settings > Privacy > untick ‘use prediction to load pages more quickly’.
  7. Use data saver – install the ‘Data Saver’ extension.

Link to original article with more details:

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