Some Photos of Recent Work

Here’s a few photos of some jobs we’ve completed recently.

Macbook Pro Broken Glass Replacement

The front glass of this MacBook Pro got badly damaged in an accident and we replaced it. It’s a tricky job to make so no bits of dust get in the way of the LCD display.

Dirty Keyboard Laptop Clean-up

While diagnosing a laptop we had to remove the keyboard and found this dust and dirt!

Dirty Processor Heatsink Desktop Computer Clean

Before and after cleaning the CPU heatsink of a desktop machine

Macbook Air-LCD Screen Replaced Horncastle

Part way through replacing a MacBook Air LCD screen. A very tricky task!

Horncastle dust on heatsink blocking cooling laptop

A HUGE amount of dust and dirt on a heatsink of a laptop. The machine ran at normal sound and heat levels after a good clean.


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