Online Business Promotion

Get your business listed on the internet.

Whatever size your business, using the internet as a promotional tool is vital to compete with the competition.

  • There are many more places to get your business listed than Google. By default Google returns 10 results on the first page of a search – it’s just not possible every business to benefit from only submitting to Google. A more proactive and comprehensive approach to internet listing is needed.
  • The wording of each submission is just as important the submission itself. Keywords, concise descriptions, presentation of text, images among many other factors highly influence the reputation of your company in the online world.
  • Continual monitoring, analysis and often necessary updates to the many directory listing is required to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Our online business promotion service will do the hard work for you.

>>> Your business will be submitted to all the major search engines.

>>> Your company will be listed in every high placed directory in all of the major search engines for appropriate search terms.

>>> Your business will be catalogued on all the popular local-specific services such as newspapers and regional online portals.

At the end of the process you will receive a report of every listing detailing all information submitted, to where and if any future action required (which we can also take care of).

The whole process is quite lengthy and most can be handled directly by us. Data such as a business description, services and contact details will be required at the beginning of the process and then only  minimal input from the you is needed (primarily email verification).