Excellent feedback from residential and business customers

Happy New Year to all visitors and customers. We had the new year is going well for you, you friends and family. It is for Horncastle Computer Services. Our customer-focused, friendly, professionally and flexible approach is working out very well for us…evidenced in feedback we are continually receiving from customers. Check out positive feedback and reviews of Horncastle Computer Services for yourself. If you need help with anything IT related don’t hesitate to call as we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Christmas help!?! We’ll be open


Just a quick note to say we’ll be open over Christmas and New Year periods. If you need help setting up, choosing equipment or taining how to use anything technological – please call 01507-622357 or 07552-380585 and we’ll arrange a time (evenings and weekends ok).

Have a warm winter, Horncastle Computer Services.

Business and residential work: Some work we’ve done recently.

Just to let everyone know about some of the jobs we’ve been doing lately…

Home: Rescued a crashed hard drive to bring the system to full working order again. This saved lots of money by avoiding the cost of a replacement hard drive and reinstalling the OS, not to mention the unbacked-up photos!

Business: Rebuilt a server for a local practise. Under pressure of time the job was completed with minimal downtown and inconvenience for the customers and business.

Home: Helped a customer worried about being hacked…we discussed how to take extra steps online to protect yourself. The computer was cleaned 100% so any previous viruses/trojans in the system or malicious files were removed for sure.

Business: A MacBook Pro wouldn’t load, with a white screen. The machine had loads of data on it that couldn’t be lost (websites, documents, movies). We got it all running again with all files restored (bar one corrupt one!).

Good advice: BACKUP YOUR DATA, sooner rather than later.

Everyone always says, ‘keep you data backed up.’ Not many people actually do. We’ve been having a high number of customers come to use with hard drive problems recently. If they’re lucky we’ve been able to retrieve their data (fortunately this was the case most of the time)…in other cases, documents, music and photos are lost forever…save for very expensive specialist data recovery often costing the best part of a grand. We recommend backing up your files to an external hard drive or USB stick, and additionally backing up up your photos to DVD. A few DVDs and a couple of hours will probably be all you need. This way your priceless photos will be on your computer, removable drive and DVD. You can never have enough sets of backup considering the cost of external HDs and DVD disks being so low. Please backup now!

From strength to strength!

We thought I would be nice to let everyone know we’re getting busier and customers are very happy with the services they’re receiving. We’ve recently been doing jobs in Horncastle, Tattershall, Spilsby, Bardney, Bucknall and Bardney (to name just a few places!) for both home and business problems. In addition to computer repair and tutoring, in the past 6 months we’ve created websites for 6 business and they have been very please with the additional business the site have generated. May this trend continue! If you need a repair, tutoring, website or anything to do with computers or the internet just give us a call (01507622357 or 07552380585). Have a nice day!